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10. 30.2015 Afternoon

5:47PM - 10.30.2015 - Mood: Cloudy Sky Grey

Woke up at around 1:30PM or Mom says 2:30PM. I'm sure I laid in bed for that long before getting up. I did go to sleep before 3AM or 4AM because Mom and Me were watching dance videos on youtube. You can really lose track of time.
Did the basic stuff; bathroom, brushed my teeth, put tree oil on my face, new undies, and put lip balm on my lips. Also put on lotion for my hands.

After all that it was like 3:30AM. Read a little before going to bed. Or more passing out. Woke up again at 7AM to go to the bathroom. then again at 10AM..I think or I woke up like twice before I actually got up.

After cereal and some tea I had an incident. A panic or more of a irrational out burst.
Over taking a shower and washing my hair. After everything it was fine and felt better after a helpless cry. Just felt lonely and out of it. or pulled away from everyone.

After that. Feeling like a pitiful person after that cry I just pulled myself up and put on some music while I got ready to take a shower. Trying to go as fast as I could.
F.W.I. I take a very long shower. I don't mind too but it just happens. I think it's because I have to pull the loose hair off my hands and that takes the longest.

Thank you. Hair.

Today being Friday it is the routine and regular day for Portillo's and hanging out with friends and afterwards is thrifting! Until 9/10PM. Usually when the goodwill and Salvation armies close. When they close we head home and watch movies and talk about stuff.

Usually late nights or early depending on how everyone feels.
Like Midnight or till 3AM. So I won't be able to post later tonight. It is usually the same thing every Friday. Same or Different people depending on how busy everyone is.

Things that were nice
- Counts for a few days ago. /Fabric got for Sailor V, people talking to me
- Showered
- Got dressed- Made an outfit.

- Shower
- Finish App
- Work Out (Yesterday I started again/Today is break day)
- Stop Picking my Booboos
- Do my hair regularly
- Daily Stuff (Brush teeth, dedrotent, day time clothes)
- Change Marimo Moss Water

Until Tomorrow hopefully not feeling in a funk again
~ Shampoo

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