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10.26.2015 - Morning

8:16AM - 10.26.2015 - Mood: Calm - "Blending Color"

Going to try and cut entries up. One morning and One evening or later on.
At the moment I got up around 7AM. Get myself some food and tea whileI let the dogs out.
They are waiting for food or for my to go out to play. I am feeling lazy.
As I stare at them looking outside or looking at the counter. Rex is sitting pretty staring back at me. Yes I know.

I picked the booboo on my chin. Oops and now I have to stop the bleeding.
I made a list or wrote down what I needed or want to do today.

It being:

- Draw Designs
- Finish CE App
/ Do yesterday's entry.

Then I listed all of the things I need to get for Sailor Venus's cosplay.
Also wrote some on that fanfic I wanted to start with Eric and Jason from True Blood.
Starting at Season 2 is very hard;;;; Or kinda boring because the don't even meet yet.

I got like a paragraph on it so far? Then got distracted by lack of tea and trying to keep up with things. I miss a day on here and there goes all my efforts. Or what will happen.
Miss one -- Miss a few then "all hell breaks loose" Welcome Joker to the Party.

• Joker is what I call when I am being irrational and quite plainly when I am in a mania state or that state of mind where I am not stable or have a hold on things.

Until this evening. Let's see what I get done.

~ Shampoo

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