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➤ Updating for the year 2012! I have matured since I started on LJ and I have moved to Tumblr as my main blog. ::thisinsaneartist.tumblr.com:: if you wish to stalk me.

Working on Photography, Writing, Drawing, and Dressing up either it be Cosplay, Lolita, or just for fun.
You will now get my Twits on here.

Hello! I'm Shampoo. I started this LJ back sometime in 2007.
• I am 19 years old. B-day is May 1, 1991
• I'm am 5`7 feet tall.
• I love Anime & Manga
• I don't care if people call me a Otaku and that is a compliment. Back in 07 i liked FMA and Edward very much XD
Heh I still do. i call him Eddy-poo! <3
• I like rainy days, snowy day but cold is a b*tch! Going to Anime Conventions, Cosplay, Cosplaying, Being a Kid
• I'm about everything! : emo, punk, perpy(even through i hate'em), flirty, playboy, heart-breaker
sometimes girly(i hate that too!), nerdy, geeky, dorky!
• Likes to make new friends! <3
• Wants to become a success! >D
• Is really cool, awesome, fun, and insane!
• My IRL nickname is Shampoo -They call me that so many times i think its my name! XD-

BTW - I have a Facebook too ^w^
•º: Just Search for "Shampoo Elric" :º•

My Yaoi Icon Community!! **its cool!**

acute girls
^Awesome Artist and Doujin makers! but there site is ALL in japanese ^=^"" ^

Made By - ruki_pion

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Primary school!Hiruma is bratty love ♥

Kate is hot, sexy, love
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